Active since September 2018, the projects and function as a platform for distributing tourist content on digital signage networks available in restaurants, transport companies and shops in Terres de l’Ebre (Tarragona). Taking advantage of the screens of the premises and the technological solution that we have developed, playlists are created with 25% of contents of tourist promotion of the territory and 75% of own contents of the establishment.

Taking advantage of the extraordinary platform that the screens already available in the small shops and restutants, we show the landscapes of that territory that deserve to be visited and we visualize the activities that can be carried out in a respectful and sustainable way, non-invasive. We strongly believe that communities know better than anyone how they want to be visited, what impact they want the activity to have on their landscapes.

In addition to being able to distribute messages on how to visit places in a respectful manner, our system allows real-time reporting of possible contingencies that may affect the day-to-day lives of visitors.

We believe in digital signage and the creation of small communication networks to amplify the reach of campaigns for land brands.

The main advantage of our system is the permeability of the solution to the realities of each socioeconomic context. The playlists that make up digital signage system can be updated right away. In addition, the devices do not require a permanent internet connection, which means that passenger transportation systems, which often do not have a permanent connection to the network, can benefit from it.