When we think of marketing perhaps, and only perhaps, it is associated with selling. But Travel Marketing Travel Marketing goes beyond selling, it is about personality, reinforcing an identity, emotion, passion. In short, to reach your heart and today, more than ever, we need to feel close to each other. Here are three essential tourist marketing tips in times of pandemic.

Olga Tomàs

According to the theory of the three brains of Paul MacLean, one of the parents of Neuromarketing, the mammalian part of the brain is the one that unites us with emotions and these with memories. Memories that will determine our choices as consumers. Today emotions like fear do not let us think clearly. But things are going to change. We will feel close again, hug each other, laugh with friends on a terrace or sink our feet in the sand on the beach. And I’m not saying it. Says the bet in Travel Marketing that Spain has made. This campaign is a clear example of these three tips. Three universal values ​​with which an infinity of destinations can coincide, since they connect with human emotions.

  • THE PROXIMITY. The security of rediscovering the known, the next. Destinations with similar characteristics can awaken this emotion. For example, visit a vineyard in Burgundy, France, or visit a vineyard in Terra Alta, Catalonia. They are two different but essentially similar experiences.
  • THE IDENTITY. The invisible roots of who we are. The Mediterranean, with its plurality, shares the roots of a history of peoples linked to the sea. Therefore, it can work in distant and close destinations by nature such as Parikia, Cyclades Islands, or Formentera, Balearic Islands.
  • LOVE. But not from a superficial point of view, we are not just talking about showing beauty, we are talking about real love. The love that the traveler can feel for a destination that is respectful with the environment, that cares about the health of its visitors and much more. Thus little by little emblematic cities such as Barcelona or Paris align with this message of love.

Therefore, Travel Marketing today can be the help that many destinations long for, the definitive impulse to show everything that can be offered, to feel. Thus, tourism marketing can become the catalyst for a new way of traveling.

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