It is in times of utmost emotional fragility when brands have to show a grave respect for their audiences and avoid communicating at any time, under the pressure of social media. In digital environments, planetary impacts on the global agenda make us run too often as headless chickens. That is why brands need to be careful and especially selective. Perpetual silence is not the best ally, but neither is unconscious overreaction.

When it comes to tourism, it’s unrealistic to think that markets will recover overnight with an avalanche of foreign visitors. Also in this area, consolidated brands – DMOs or private agents – know that the economy will recover concentrically. As a baby who starts walking in small steps and clutching where he can before jogging, the tourism industry will recover by the contribution of its immediate markets and nearest neighbors. Domestic markets, local tourism, will sustain the industry for the first few weeks after the “stand by”.

In the countries most hit by the coronavirus crisis, there are multiple campaigns being launched by administrations and business associations to activate local consumption, leisure and tourism once the wheel rotates again.

For brands, now is the time to take care of audiences (both internal and external) and – if I am allowed to express it in a naive way- to show love.

L. Don’t Lie. Cities like Madrid have had no doubts when it comes to presenting without makeup in institutional campaigns such as “Juntos nunca hemos perdido. Gracias, Madrid” . During the days of confinement, displaying desert cities is not counterproductive; on the contrary, it reveals the strength of its citizens. It is not time to show dazzling landscapes. Showing natural and to some extent vulnerable territories is not a bad strategy. It is a decision that undoubtedly humanizes destinies and instills in the awareness of future travelers the importance of preserving them.

O. Observe. Constant monitoring of social media, media trends and the dynamics of global conversations indicate the moods of societies. It is important to keep an eye on hashtags and their evolution in real time to know what is the best time (and the best means) to communicate.

V. Joie de Vivre. We should celebrate life, the little things in life. Life will be difficult once the wheel turns in the respective economies. We must not despise reality, but we must show ourselves confident that day by day will show us the way. In some areas, the tourism industry will be stigmatized.The current crisis will change the appearance of certain companies, but tourism will resist. The desire to know and experience to become rich is one of the main aspirations of human beings.

E. Enhance your alliances. The gears of organizations will return to turn thanks to the small contributions of suppliers, customers, workers, partners … More than ever cultivation of stakeholders is crucial for the future of organizations.

Love is an act of generosity.

And it is true that now the priority of cities and territories is to show love for their citizens and to take care of its productive structures to minimize the economic impact of the stoppage that comes upon us.

But it is no less certain that the period of confinement will be exceeded. All brands take advantage of the stand by these days to look in the mirror and project new scenarios. Cities and territories also need to catch up, define strategies and build stories to fit into the “top of mind” of future travelers. Crises are only opportunities if we have an open mind to take on failures and an unwavering desire to learn and improve.

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